VOR ADF Trainer 1.2

VOR ADF Trainer 1.2

VOR ADF Trainer 1.2  

With this app you will speed up your mind when deciding which maneuver to do for radial interceptions of a VOR station.

This tool is helpful for pilots and student pilots, both for those preparing to perform the Private Pilot license and Commercial Pilot license.

Exercises are created at randomly, both your initial position and the maneuver that is required. You will be able to watch the Directional Gyro and VOR instruments as reference, then you will be prompted to answer four questions: 1. Type of maneuver?, 2. Towards which side you must turn to? , 3. Which heading should you set?, 4. What course should you select?

By clicking on 'Correct' button, there will be a detailed explanation of how to solve that particular exercise.

People who have trained with this method have improved in their decision making process on IFR training.

Initially, I developed this method for my students at Aero Club Trelew and now I want to share this app and method with the entire community.

I hope you like it.

Joan Javier
Flight instructor ... and programmer :)
Дабавлено : 2021-02-23 17:03:06