Barthel ADL index

Barthel ADL index

Barthel ADL index  Barthel ADL index  Barthel ADL index  

The program allows you to assess the severity of disability (dependence on outside assistance) using Barthel index.
The Barthel scale or Barthel ADL index is an ordinal scale used to measure performance in activities of daily living (ADL). Each performance item is rated on this scale with a given number of points assigned to each level or ranking. It uses ten variables describing ADL and mobility. A higher number is associated with a greater likelihood of being able to live at home with a degree of independence following discharge from hospital. The amount of time and physical assistance required to perform each item are used in determining the assigned value of each item.

The program is free, contains no advertising, has a minimum size, and calculates to the minimum number of clicks. Nothing in excess!

The proper support for devices with different screen sizes (including tablet PC) has been done.

The application is available in the following languages:
- English
- Russian
- French (With support from Mr Mourad NASSIHI)
- Ability to manually change the language of the program.

Any suggestions, inquiries, and requests for adding other languages are welcomed by e-mail to with the "Android-Barthel" mark in the subject line. Please, help us to make the application available in your own language.
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