Aircraft ADF Free  [legacy - see new app: fDeck]

Aircraft ADF Free [legacy - see new app: fDeck]

Aircraft ADF Free  [legacy - see new app: fDeck]  Aircraft ADF Free  [legacy - see new app: fDeck]  Aircraft ADF Free  [legacy - see new app: fDeck]  Aircraft ADF Free  [legacy - see new app: fDeck]  Aircraft ADF Free  [legacy - see new app: fDeck]  

The developers latest, integrated flight deck, fDeck: flight instruments is now available. It is recommended that you use fDeck as this will receive all future updates and support.

Aircraft ADF provides you with a GPS based aircraft radio magnetic indicator (RMI) instrument shown as a typical Bendix/King KI-227 instrument.

It lets you 'tune' aircraft navigation non-directional beacons (NDB) and gives you bearing and distance information to that NDB.
It uses a worldwide navigation database (downloaded on first use) and is not restricted by radio range.
It uses your device GPS position and heading to calculate bearing and distance to the tuned NDB.

This is the free version, with advertising and a five minute time limit. Upgrade to the paid version to remove both of these limitations.

- Bendix/King KI-227 face
- Worldwide NDB navigation database (downloaded on firt use)
- Digital Bearing and distance to station indications
- Option to operate as rotable compass card (just rotate with your finger!)
- Filtered and smoothed display - no jitter or jumping!
- Support for portrait and landscape screens
- Support for multiple screen resolutions


IMPORTANT POINT 1 - Please ensure you have an active data connection when starting the app for the first time as it will attempt to download the radio navigation database.

IMPORTANT POINT 2- To function correctly, the application requires not only a GPS position fix but also a valid GPS groundtrack. It may be necessary to move your device to give the GPS the data it requires to make this calculation.

Don't use it until you know its working!
Until a GPS fix is obtained, or in case of GPS fix being lost, the ADF will 'park' itself at 90 degrees and '---' will be shown in both the bearing and distance text boxes.

Tuning a station
Use the app menu to select 'Tune NDB'. You will be presented with all the NDB stations within 200 nautical miles of your current location. Selecting a NDB will tune it up. Hit your devices 'Back' button when you have selected your desired VOR.

Interpreting the display
If you have a valid GPS fix, the bearing to the NDB will be shown by the ADF needle and the top (or left in landscape mode) digital text box will show a digital bearing indication - the course you need to fly to travel towards the beacon. The distance in nautical miles to the NDB will be shown in the bottom (or right in landscape mode) digital text box.

Rotatable compass card
By default, the ADF compass card will slave itself to the GPS groundtrack, making the instrument a true single-needle Radio Magnetic Indicator(RMI). However, you can manually turn the ADF into a rotatable compass card instrument using the toggle option in the app menu. Once toggled, you can easily rotate the card using your finger.

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I'm a professional software engineer, part-time android developer and passionate private pilot so would love to hear your thoughts, feature requests and bug reports
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