Aktyor: Yuen Biao (Yuen Biao)

Aktyor: Yuen Biao (Yuen Biao)

Tug'ilgan yili: 1957-07-26

Tug'ilgan joyi: Hong Kong, China


Yuen Biao (Chinese: 元彪, born 26 July 1957) is a Hong Kong actor and martial artist. He specialises in acrobatics and Chinese martial arts and has worked on over 80 films as actor, stuntman and action choreographer. Along with Peking Opera School "brothers" at the China Drama Academy, Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, he was a member of the"Seven Little Fortunes" performance troupe in Yu Jim-Yuen's China Drama Academy's Peking Opera School. Was a member of the Sammo Hung Stuntmen's Association.

Yuen Biao / Kinolari
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