Aktyor: Sergey Chirkov (Сергей Чирков)

Aktyor: Sergey Chirkov (Сергей Чирков)

Tug'ilgan yili: 1983-12-02

Tug'ilgan joyi: Novokuibyshevsk, RSFSR, URSS


Sergey Semenovich Chirkov (born December 2, 1983; Novokuibyshevsk) is a Russian film and theater actor. He gained fame after the role of "Vampire" in the film "On the Game" directed by Pavel Sanayev.

He studied for one year at VGIK (workshop of A. Panin). In 2009, he received a university degree in theater, graduating from GITIS (director workshop of S. Zhenovach).

Sergey Chirkov got his first role in 2002 in the film “Black Ball” by director Hussein Erkenov. In his youth, he played in the international league of KVN.

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